Dementia Connections

Feature Articles: Week of January 10, 2022

Episode Summary

Weekly Audio Articles: Person-Centred Approaches 1) Positioning Seniors as Leaders 2) 'It's Like Coming Home to a Family that Understands Me'

Episode Notes

Happy New Year and welcome to the Dementia Connections Podcast, where each week we share the latest research, expert advice, and stories about living well with dementia. 

This week our feature articles focus on two examples of person-centred approaches that decrease feelings of loneliness and increase feelings of connection for older adults and people living with dementia.

In our first story, we revisit an article about the Perspectives program, which brings seniors and design students together in a mutually rewarding way.

In our second story, we visit Erin Mills Lodge where staff have shown relationships, consistency and a gentle, respectful tone can be more effective than restraints, confrontation and antipsychotic medications in caring for people living with dementia.

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