Dementia Connections

Feature Articles: Week of August 9, 2021

Episode Summary

Weekly Audio Articles: Let's disrupt dementia! 1) The Power of Speaking Up 2) Chipping at Stigma

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Dementia Connections Podcast, where each week we share the latest research, expert advice, and stories about living well with dementia. 

Sometimes, disrupting the status quo is the only way to create positive change. This week we’ll share two more articles about 'dementia disruptors' who are finding powerful ways to challenge the perception of what it means to live with dementia. 

In our first story Lisa Raitt, who is a care partner and a former Member of Parliament, shares in her own words about how asking for help can reduce isolation.

Our  second story profiles Calgary's Kim Brundrit who uses a collaborative approach to develop innovative initiatives that create meaningful change in the dementia community.

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